Business Networking Audible

Business Networking – Learn How NOT to Do Business Networking with Jas Knowles

A new Audible audiobook “Networking With Jas Knowles” enables budding business people to learn exactly how not to undertake business networking. Marketing a business is tough. It requires planning, dedication, inter-personnel skills, and perseverance, to name just some of the vital qualities. They say that “people buy from people”, so bearing that in mind, what…


China Pocket Guide 2023

Your ‘one-stop shop’ and starting point for organising a visit to China. This guide has been written to serve as a starting point to help you adapt to living in China. Perhaps it goes without saying that almost everything in China functions differently from what you might be accustomed to in a western country. Transport…


All Those Weird Bits

A collection of unhinged short stories. Follow social media vigilante, InstaGran, as she invariably and disturbingly destroys more lives than she benefits. Good-cop-bad-cop duo, Hyde and Sikh, hijack yet another innocent citizen’s day-to-day life. Plus, take comfort from Mick’s Cloud: a heartwarming story following one of life’s underdogs as he, quite frankly, ruins everything he…